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Renick Engineering Ltd.  Looking after all your Commercial & Industrial Boiler and Burner requirements, from supplying and fitting new, to repairing and maintaining existing equipment.  A family business with over 60 years experience.  We are here to meet the requirements you may have to fit or repair your boiler or burner system.  With a highly qualified team we can ensure all project needs are met and satisfied.  We use the best manufacturing suppliers for each project as required.  We are Irish agents for IVAR and ECOFLAM.   

1976  Twin Furnace Repair

Renick Engineering have recently completed a successful repair of one 1976 twin furnace, 15,900 Kg/hr, George Clark & N.E.M. - Maxecon steam boiler.

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MAHA Ireland
Renick Eng.
Contract to repair all 85 NCTS Lifts


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Industrial & Commercial Boilers

Renick Eng. have been supplying and fitting Steam boilers for over 60 years.  We offer new or second-hand boilers (when available).  Reconditioned Boilers are installed and commissioned with Insurance & NDT (Non-Destructive Boiler Weld Tests) 5 Year Certs.  We remove boilers from site, service and repair.  We provide an annual Boiler maintenance overhaul.  

Complete Boiler Retubing.  Steam / Hot Water Boiler Tube repair.  Complete pipework boiler plant solutions.   Boiler plant installations and connection.

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All type of Boiler Repairs

  • Boiler Fracture Repairs

  • Coded Welding

  • D Patch Shell Boiler Repairs

  • Water Feed Pipe Shell Repairs

  • Tube Repairs

  • Retubing

Industrial Boiler and Burner spares.jpg

We supply and fit as required a wide range of spare parts for Industrial Steam Boilers and Burners including Ecoflam, Riello, Nu-Way, and Dunphy.